Whiskey Flat Days Weekend: Weather and Road Conditions

Keep in Mind&helips;

The forecast and road conditions are subject to change. The forecast for the weekend is tending better as we get closer.

Whiskey Flat Days

It’s almost Whiskey Flat Days again! And it’s essential to stay informed about the weather and road conditions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here’s a detailed forecast for the festivities:


Kickstarting the weekend, Friday promises partly cloudy skies, offering a pleasant high of 63°F and a cool low of 46°F. Pleasant weather for the Whiskey Flat Encampment and Iron Horse Rodeo.


Saturday is the day of the Whiskey Flat Days Parade and start of the Wild West Daze Rodeo. The morning begins with partial clouds, gradually giving way to increasing cloud cover by late morning. As the afternoon unfolds, there will be a chance of rain. Plan for a high of 61°F and a low of 41°F, and consider packing accordingly for potential showers during the evening festivities.


Closing the big weekend off, Sunday will be quite similar to Saturday’s forecast. As always, we have the Whiskey Flat Encampment and Wild West Daze Rodeo, as well as events throughout starting with the Costume Contest starting at 11 AM and ending with the Announcement of the Whiskey Flat Days Mayor Campaign Winner at 4 PM.

This Year’s Mayor Candidates include:

All of them are supporting excellent causes! Check out their profiles for information on what they are supporting and how to contribute (“vote”) for them!

Ongoing Events

There will be live bands playing every day of the big weekend, from the Street Dance on Friday at 4 PM and ending with Music - Main Stage on Sunday from 2 - 4 PM.

And, as always, be sure to check out the Whiskey Flat Encampment, the Schoeppner Amusement Carnival, and the plethora of vendors!

Road Conditions
178 East and West are Open, but Sierra Way (from Weldon to Kernville remains Closed). The Route to Kernville is taking the 178 to the 155.
  • Kern Canyon: The Kern Canyon HWY 178 through Bakersfield is open, but be ware that one lane is closed due to ongoing road work.
  • Walker Pass: This route is open and expected to be clear throughout the weekend. However, in the winter, it’s advisable to carry chains, especially when traversing high mountain areas.
  • 155 from Lake Isabella to Kernville: Good news - this route is open, providing an probably the main route for those seeking passage to Kernville.
  • Sierra Way: Unfortunately, Sierra Way remains closed. This means only a few extra miles to take the 155 for those coming from the East.

We have a fun-filled and exciting week in store, so be sure to make it up to Kernville this weekend!