WhiskeyFlatDays.com Privacy Policy

You may have been expecting the typical Your privacy is important to us sort of content here, but KernValley.US really does value your privacy and goes to great lengths to protect user privacy to the extent that is feasible. Unfortunately, there are just some things that have to be compromised on (for now at least). Should you use any ad-blocker or privacy add-on, everything here will still work (you may not be able to comment though).

But instead, here you’ll see a genuine attempt at improving the privacy of the web for users. Please, donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, install AdBlock or Privacy Badger. Heck, even browse privately/anonymously with Firefox Focus or Vivaldi or Brave or event Tor.

Ads Privacy

This site provides ads through <krv-ads> / ads.kernvalley.us. These ads are free from any user tracking and only record anonymous engagement, such as counting views and clicks. In other words, it will be known that an ad was interacted with, but not who viewed or clicked the ad. No cookies are used, no IP addresses are logged, and no personal data is collected at all.

URLs for ads can and will contain minimal tracking information that basically just informs the site, “hey, this user is coming to your site from the WFD app.” Again, it contains zero personally identifiable information, and is used exclusively to let advertisers know how effective their ads are.


This site uses Google Analytics to track page views, unique users, and to measure “goals” and interactions. This data is used, for example, to know the relative popularity of a give page, to detect issues with performance, to determine if a certain browser/device has high “bounce rate” that could be an indicator of compatibility issues, etc. KernValley.US does not collect or use user demographics beyond country-level data and limited device info (what browser are you using).

Yes, Google is among the worst offenders (along with Facebook) of user privacy out there. If you choose to block Google Analytics and third-party cookies and such, that is entirely understandable and I’ll freely confess that I do the same (my recommendation is Privacy Badger, BTW). But the Google Analytics is just ubiquitous on the web and actually necessary to filer out bot/crawler/junk traffic when reporting page views & user count.

See the Google Analytics Privacy Policy here.

Social Networks & Sharing

On most pages, you will find share buttons. Unlike most other sites, these components do not even ping e.g. Facebook until clicked on to share the page. Until you open the page/app to share, the social network has zero knowledge that you visited a given page. Obviously all bets are off once you open the Share in the external app/site though… That’s kinda unavoidable.

Other Third-Party Services

Technical Details

Here is what might be/is tracking you:

Disqus is in the process of being replaced. It is a temporary solution.

Google Analytics isn’t so easy to replace — as stated previously, it’s just better at filtering out all of the garbage of bots and crawlers. Blocking this will not degrade your experience in any way though.