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Howdy, fine folks and future supporters!

We’re Powder Packin’ Powers and Mad Miner Zuber, a dynamite duo aimin’ to bring prosperity back to the beloved town of Whiskey Flat. With the spirit of the old west coursing through our veins and visions of progress dancing in our heads, we’re commencin our winnin campaign to be your next Whiskey Flat Days mayors!

As direct descendants of the most daring denizens of the old mining days, we pledge to revive our town’s glory, rebuild the aerial tramway to the Harley Mine, establish a bustling community hub, and return the county seat to the mountain communities where it belongs. But, for all our gumption and gusto, even we can’t do it alone. That’s where you come in, partner!

Every dollar you donate is a vote for our campaign. We can’t win this without you! So dig deep and support Powder Packin’ Powers and Mad Miner Zuber for Whiskey Flat Days mayor!

About Whiskey Flat Days Mayor Campaign:

The Whiskey Flat Days festival is held each year in February over president’s day weekend, where the town of Kernville transforms goes back to its roots and transforms into the historic town of Whiskey Flat that was replaced by what is now known as Kernville. One of the highlights of the festival is the election of an Honorary Mayor of Whiskey Flats. The tradition, as lively and entertaining as a rodeo, isn’t just about winning a title; it’s a creative and communal way to raise funds for both the Kernville Chamber of Commerce’s nonprofit Kernville Community Events and Projects, as well as the charity of the mayor’s choosing.

The mayor candidate that collects the most funds (bribes) by the end of the festival is elected honorary mayor of Whiskey Flat Days.

What Yer Most Appreciated Contributions Fund:

In addition to supporting the Kernville Community Events and Projects nonprofit, we’re fundraising to build a Community Hub in Lake Isabella. The Community Hub will be like a community center, with modern event space and training space, as well as shared office space, community based organizations, and ongoing events and programming to help our community thrive.

Join us in this rambunctious ride to mayoralty, and let’s make history together! With a tip of the hat and a hearty handshake, we thank you for your support. Together, we’ll ensure that the spirit of Whiskey Flat shines brighter than the shiniest nugget in the mine!

Yours with gusto and gratitude,

Powder Packin’ Powers & Mad Miner Zuber