As many of you know, we’re running a fundraising campaign to raise money for a community hub in the town of Lake Isabella. What better way to promote it than to do a cold plunge in Isabella Lake?

The annual Whiskey Flat mayor campaign is a lighthearted, tongue in cheek way of raising money for a charitable cause while also keeping the memory of the historic town of Whiskey Flat alive. The winner is the team that collects the most “bribes” (donations). This tradition was started in 1958 as a way to raise money for a community center in Kernville, so it feels like we’re coming full circle by raising for a next-generation community hub.

My character, Powder Packin’ Powers, is a fun take on an 1880s gold miner, and honors my grandfather who ran for honorary mayor of Whiskey Flat Days back in 1969 under the character name “Bull Run Bob”.

Visit our campaign page to learn more.