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Whiskey Flat Days is coming up in a few short months, and it’s time for some updates here. That means there is a bit of a redesign in progress and new features in the works. That means an even shorter time for this app, since changes need to be basically complete by the time of the kick-off dinner and the beginning of mayor races.

With the publishing of this post, there is now Whiskey Flat Days news being published here. I’m hoping to cover anything important that takes place during the meetings leading up to Whiskey Flat Days as well as the happenings of the mayor races. I’m also wanting to publish guides on where to stay and eat, history, and perhaps some sponsored content (local businesses publishing articles to promote their business, so long as it’s appropriate and relates to Whiskey Flat Days).

There has been an Android App for about a year now, and there may be a Windows and iOS/Mac app coming soon. These new apps are nearly ready to go, but publishing them requires some fees to be listed on their respective app stores.

Other things that might be added

  • Online bribes/donations for mayor races
  • A store selling souvenirs and merchandise
  • Online applications for vendors

To advertise on the Whiskey Flat Days app, please visit Kern Valley Ads 

To add your business to Whiskey Flat Days Map (as well as KRV Guide  ) please fill out the form at KRV Places